"I’m glad you said hi." (T. Oakley)

"Why do you look like such a dainty princess when you sleep?(T. Oakley)

"I so ship Tyler and Troye. Troyler 4eva." (S. Mellet)

"What even is my accent?" (T. Sivan) - "Perfect." (T. Oakley)

"Passion: Tyler Oakley" (T. Sivan)

"OTP that is real… Troyler, Troyler is real!" (C. Lee)

"Let me sing to you, my jewish prince." (T. Oakley)

"Best day eva :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (S. Mellet about Troyler Kiss)

"#TROYLER makes the world go round." (T. Oakley)

Just some of the casual “just friends”-talking in the Troyler universe. (via gloriously-mad)